Palaban Micheal ahe event was attended by many of the top ranks in the FMA community and enthusiasts in martial arts world.

Me and my Panda

After one of the hottest summers and after another stunning performance I find a new friend in a panda suit 

Some not All

Some of the family members of Pinakatay Anis Sigidas in Silver Spring, MD.  From L-R standing at the back : Eddie Faulk, Journey Hona, Rainier, Freddy Mendoza, John Salientes, GUest Mark, Melvin Tabilas, Roger Velasco.  Middle wearing vests is Iti Walter and Haniti Wesley. On ht efloor are Jimmy Nguyen, Lexi Crisostomo, Kathir Laster, Joey Pestaner and our only female palaban Bow Salientes.


One of the many priceless moments  I've (Lexi Crisostomo) had with my pops. This is is during the Fiesta Asia Festival in Washington DC by the National Mall along Pennsylvania Ave.


Group work outs no children or elderly people spared... we all train as one! Warming up before each trainin.


Arnis Demonstration at the Philippine Embassy grounds in Washington DC during the oen house event for all embassies in The District of Columbia.

Deadly warrior

Shes deadlier than you think

The Land of The Philippines

One of many pieces of art / wallpaper designed made by fan designers


Dad and son  Palaban Ron and Kathir) caught in a candid shot of the natural playful essence of pinakatay arnis sigidas. The spinning elbow and the natural counter to it regardless of the size fo the partner or foe.

Arnis History

ARNIS The Martial Art

      The onset of the twentieth century brought about the demise of Arnis in the country. With the coming of the Americans, the Filipinos were in awe with the new culture, that most indigenous cultures were relegated almost to oblivion. Our very own Arnis, the Filipino martial art, almost suffered the same fate. Once a prevalent martial art of the pre-Spanish natives and the illustrados of the Spanish era, Arnis all but disappeared in the urban areas and was mostly preserved in the provinces. Credit should be given to our traditional guro / maestro or grandmasters, illustrious men who painstakingly preserved Arnis for us. It is characterized by the use of swinging and twirling movements, accompanied by striking, thrusting and parrying techniques for defense and offense. (PND)   -Friday, 08 January 2010 (from www.gov.ph) 


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