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weapons of moroland

"Weapons of Moroland" is a plaque or crest containing miniature models of weapons used by warriors from the indigenous peoples of Mindanao in the Philippines. As a souvenir, it is fairly common in gift shops, and is considered an icon. Displaying the plaque in one's home is one of several indications of "how Filipino" one is. It is jokingly used as a description of resistance to colonialism.

Palaban Lexi Crisostomo at the Fiesta Asia 2015

Palaban Lexi preparing for a demonstration in Filipino Martial Arts during the 2015 Fiesta Asia Festival in Washington DC Mall. 

Teddy Buot Fund raising

Fund raising  gathering in Va. hosted by Guro John Mcclean. In attendance were several FMA groups in Va as well as from the Md area.

Monie Velez

Monie Velez of Balintawak Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis was renowned by our late Great Grand Master “Teofilo Velez”. He was the one who started propagating art of Balintawak Arnis, Grand Master Teofilo Velez & Late Grand Master Atty. Villasen they are the one who initiate to modify on how to teach Balintawak Arnis in easiest way for students. The Velez Brothers (Chito, Eddie, Monnie) are known to be his successors and the first ever instructors of Grand Master Teofilo Velez are his sons: Pacito “Chito” Velez, Ramon Franco “Monnie” Velez, and Eduardo “Eddie” Velez Sr. When Late Grand Master Teofilo Velez passed away because of cancer, Mr. Chito Velez was chosen by the members to be the New Grand Master of Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis. Few years after, the Velez Brothers continued teaching the Balintawak style of Arnis. Grand Master Monnie Velez teaches Arnis at his home in Englis, Guadalupe Cebu and later at Ayala

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

2015 FMA seminar in Canada with Master Oliver Fomaran Garduce 

PInakatay family

Palaban Lex, Auntie Alice, Kuya Winston, and Kuya Walter  in Missassauga , Ontario, Canada. A visit to the other half of th Crisostomo family.

Kuya Wes and Master Oliver

Kuya Wesley and Master Guro Oliver Garduce.

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

Pinakatay crew and Master Guro Oliver Garduce.

Phil Embassy Cert. of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippine Embassy for the support given by Pinakatay Arnis Sigidas during the Washington DC 2015 Embassy open house tour.

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

Kuya Wes explaining what Pinakatay Arnis Sigidas means and the concepts and principles behind it .

Pinakatay 2015 Pool Party.

An avid MMA instructor and coach joined the party and shared stories and fun .... Thanks Joshua Peters !! and Malenga Patrick Gayle entertained us with a presentation of the CQC fun of Pinakatay. Master teacher Joshua founded the College Park MMA in College Park Md. 

4th East Coast FMA Gathering ( Balintawak Legacy - Gathering of Masters)

Kapatiran Mandirigma, Ultimate Escrima and its Balintawak Family, cordially invite all FMA practitioners to a two day historical Balintawak gathering. The event will take place July 11-12, 2015 in Washington DC. Featuring: GM Sam Buot GM Nene Gaabucayan Nene Gabz GM Bobby Taboada GM Crispulo "Ising" Atillo GM Monie Velez GM Ver Villasin Master Zacarias Taco Master David Hatch Datu Tim Hartman Master Rich Parsons Master Eugene Racaza Nepangue Master Cyrus Bongon Guro Rino Balinado Guro Jerome Teague Josh Walker and Jojo Ygay - Tabimina Balintawak Special Guest: Kapatiran Mandirigma founder GM Shelley Javier Millspaugh and Bapak Tristan E Sutrisno. **Friday July 10th, Free Balintawak Introduction Class at Comfort Suites Banquet Room, 7:30pm. *** Lodging is set. We have an excellent deal with the chosen hotel for our gathering.

2013 Asia Fiesta

3rd East Caost FMA Gathering in Rock Martial Arts gym in Va

3rd East Caost FMA Gathering in Rock Martial Arts gym in Va - a fund raising event for the "Wounded Soldiers of America"

2015 MHG People's Ball In Washington DC.

Igorot ritual dance  honoring peace and bountiful harvest.

The Philippine Utility Vehicle (Jeepney) PUJ

... head bump - the prize after some training sessions

4th East Caost Gathering 2015 (Balintawak Legacy)

 During the 4th East Coast Gathering of Balintawak Masters honoring the Balintawak Legacy on July 10 -12 at the NOVA Field House in Washington/VA area attended by known names in the field of Arnis de Mano ....Gm Ver Villasin, Gm Nene Gaabucayan, Gm Sam Bout, Gm Bobby Taboada, Gm Crispulo Atillo, Gm Monie Velez and Masters including Zack Taco, Eugene Nepangue, David Hatch, Jerome Teague, Rich Parsons, Tim Hartman, Cyrus Bongon, Jojo Ygay, Rino Balinado, Shelley Millspaugh, Hilmar Siebert, Josh Walker and many avid practitioners whose names are out there in the FMA community.

Manong Monie Velez of the Teovel's Balintawak.

GM Ramon Velez talking with Kuya Walter about life in the Philippines.


During the 4th East Coast Gathering of Balintawak Masters honoring the Balintawak Legacy on July 10 -12 at the NOVA Field House in Washington/VA area 

Seminar on August 16, 2015

Dan Inosanto Gym FMA seminar ...  (details soon)

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