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weapons of moroland

"Weapons of Moroland" is a plaque or crest containing miniature models of weapons used by warriors from the indigenous peoples of Mindanaoin the Philippines. As a souvenir, it is fairly common in gift shops, and is considered a pop culture icon.[1] Displaying the plaque in one's home is one of several indications of "how Filipino" one is. It is jokingly used as a description of resistance to colonialism.<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wik

Gathering of Masters - Balintawak Legacy



Palaban Lexi preparing for a demo

Teddy Buot Fund raising

Fund raising  gathering in Va

Monie Velez

Monie Velez of Balintawak

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

PInakatay family

Pinakatay family in Canada

Kuya Wes and Oliver

Kuya Wesley and Master Guro Oliver Garduce.

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

Pinakatay crew and Master Guro Oliver Garduce.

Phil Embassy Cert. of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippine Embassy for the support given by Pinakatay Arnis Sigidas during the Washington DC 2015 Embassy open house tour.

2015 FMA seminar in Canada

Kuya Wes explaining what Pinakatay Arnis Sigidas means and the concepts and principles behind it .

Pinakatay 2015 Pool Party.

An avid MMA instructor and coach joined the party and shared stories and fun .... Thanks Joshua Peters !! and Malenga Patrick Gayle entertained us with a presentation of the CQC fun of Pinakatay. 


Pinakatay ARNIS Sigidas originated from the small town of Mandaue back in the late 1960s. The style was named such only after much thought  after the passing of the grant teacher, Liborio Heyrosa. It was a close quarter style of fighting that focuses on brevity of motions to effect a decent strike to carefully selected targets in the human body. It takes years of dedication to appreciate and learn this traditional method of violent engagement but has been shared to the qualified few. There are no ranks, belts to qualify a practitioner but rather based on skill levels ad approved by hhis sytem is open to those willing to learn the traditional way of FMA. Mabuhay . 

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